The history of our business begins a long time ago.
In winter 1958 our father opened the first Rental and workshop: Italy was facing the economic boom, Mount Bondone the touristic one.
He has been our teacher and gave us his passion for this job.

bondone old
Of course, times have changed,
just a few artisans know how to tune skis like in the old times, refining them by hand. Obviously, we matched to these skills state of the art machinery, because the only thing that really matters is your ski-day to be always perfect. We achieve this aim tuning and servicing our gear with extreme accuracy.


TUNING little

It is this union of artisanal know-how with technology to highlight our Rentals. This and the strong passion that for more than 50 years our family put in the ski-business. Besides that, we renew our gear on yearly basis, and yet we offer it at a competitive price.