To have a fun, amazing afternoon rent an e-bike!

Ride your bike to the Viote, the wonderful green valley of Mount Bondone!
The path is located under the Three Peaks, you will ride on trails and dirt roads, through forests and meadows, surrounded by a stunning alpine scenography. If needed, a guide can support you.
At the Rental, we will advise you about routes and provide assistance for any problem.

Why Haibike?

Simple, we offer only top gear. This brand is a great innovator and one of the early producers of e-bikes in Europe. The bikes, made in Germany, are equipped by Shimano Deore and powered by the well known Yamaha engine.
Every year we update our bikes, which are all new and perfectly tuned.
This year again, we chose to offer you Haibike Sduro bikes, powered by Yamaha.
These are amazing bikes, light weighted and easy to handle, that delete the effort of ascents to let you have just a great time!

You will feel like cycling downhill even on the hardest climbs!