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Charly Gaul

Mount Bondone is one of the temples of Italian cycling.
It was the 8th of June 1956 when Charly Gaul wrote one of the most epic pages of all times and became a legend.
It runs the twentieth stage of the Giro and Gaul seems to be too late to aspire to victory. The climb from Trento to Bondone ends a very hard race, 240 km including Costalunga Pass, Rolle Pass and Brocon Pass.
The forecasts predict an awful time. On Costalunga begins a snowstorm and some withdrawals occur. Gaul is leading and keeps in an impressive forcing despite the incessant bad weather. Ten runners struggle to keep up, but on the ramps of Bondone Gaul manages to gain a great margin and crosses the finish line with more than seven minutes of gap over the second.
That day Gaul consecrated himself as a champion and the picture that shows him, exhausted in the storm, will forever remain one of the best stories that cycling has told us.
For this reason, every year, is run in his honor the Gran Fondo Charlie Gaul, the only Italian race of the UCI Marathon World Series.